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Your last Christmas together before your family grows - how to enjoy being pregnant at Christmas!

woman pregnant at Christmas

The Christmas season can be a magical time of year, filled with joy, love, and special moments with loved ones. It can feel extra special for couples having a baby next year, and savouring this special time together before your little one arrives can feel really important. However, being pregnant at Christmas isn't always easy. Enjoying this time with anticipation of what’s coming, without wishing it away can be a fine balancing act. So here are some suggestions of how to enjoy yourselves and make this last year before adding to your family, a special one.

1. Festive Date Nights:

Make the most of festive date nights that focus on the two of you, and doing something non-baby friendly can be a bonus, as this won’t be possible for several years to come. Explore a Christmas market in another city, with an overnight stay or late-night drive home…the German Christmas market in Birmingham is set to be amazing. Enjoy dinners in pubs with open fires, potter around makers markets without having to time your visit around naps, and make the most of New Year’s Eve…chances are you will be celebrating at home for the foreseeable while the little one sleeps. These simple yet magical moments will create lasting memories.

2. Decorate your home how you wish, without needing to baby proof:

Transform your home into a festive haven by decorating together. Enjoy hanging baubles on the lower branches of your tree, have real candles burning by the TV, and enjoy nice soft furnishings…chances are you will have to consider baby friendly alternatives once your little one is on the move, so make the most of decorating exactly to your taste this year.

3. Create Your Own Traditions:

Establishing your own holiday traditions can be so much fun. Whether it's watching a favourite Christmas film together on Christmas eve, exchanging new pyjamas, or wandering around your town to look at the Christmas lights, these traditions will become cherished memories you can share with your growing family in the years to come.

4. Take a festive mini moon:

Escape the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations by planning a cozy getaway for just the two of you.

5.     Write Letters to Your Future Child:

Take a moment to reflect on the excitement and anticipation of impending parenthood by writing letters to your future child. Share your dreams, hopes, and the love you already feel for each other and for them. Perhaps an annual letter which is stored and shared when they turn 18 could be a cute tradition to add to your list?

couple pregnant at christmas

As December gets more and more hectic, take the time to cherish the moments shared with your partner. The magic of Christmas is not just in the twinkling decorations or the joyous carols but also in the simple act of being together, and celebrating the little bundle of joy who will be joining you next year. Being pregnant at Christmas can be amazing, but also come with challenges. Embrace the joy of the season as you prepare to enter a new chapter in your lives. From festive date nights to creating your own traditions, these ideas will ensure that your Christmas as a couple before having a baby is an enjoyable one. If all the Christmas stuff is leaving you stressed and anxious, read my blog post on pregnancy anxiety, with tips on how to keep it at bay.


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