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Small group or private 1-1
Antenatal + Hypnobirthing courses in Norwich

Suitable from 16 weeks +

Picture yourself a month from now, feeling fully prepared and excited for birth! Wouldn’t it feel amazing to not feel scared or anxious? Wouldn't it feel reassuring to have a plan A, B, C and D, knowing you are equipped to handle any curve ball and change of plan which comes your way?

Birth can come with a lot of fear, and this can impact your pregnancy experience and make for a more stressful birth. My Antenatal + Hypnobirthing course can help you change that.

If you are wanting a practical, evidence-based, honest antenatal course, you're in the right place. Whether you are planning a hospital, water or home birth, and whether you want all the pain relief or none at all, it makes no difference to me. My course will equip you with everything you need practically, and mentally to prepare for your "once in a lifetime" experience, so you have the best experience possible. You will remember the birth of your baby for the rest of your life, so preparing for it and getting educated is one of the best decisions you can make during your pregnancy.

My group courses are run in person from 'The Snug' in Taverham. Bespoke 1-1 courses are available subject to availability, so get in touch for a no-pressure chat.

COMPLETE Antenatal + Hypnobirthing courses include:

  • Fully interactive classes delivered to you and your birth partner

  • Full practical antenatal preparation

  • Hypnobirthing mindset and techniques to manage pain

  • Comprehensive Antenatal + Hypnobirthing client workbook (to work through during and after the course)

  • Printed ‘Positive birth affirmation cards’ to display at home

  • Exclusive access to my online ‘client resource area’, complete with a library of resources to access in your own time

  • Album of downloadable mp3 tracks - guided relaxations, visualisations, and positive affirmation tracks to support your Hypnobirthing practise.

  • Goody bag of items to support you during pregnancy and labour

  • Ongoing support from me beyond the course until your little one arrives

Complete Hypnobirthing

What will I learn on the COMPLETE Antenatal + Hypnobirthing course?

The Hypnobirthing bits:
  • Using hypnobirthing in ALL types of birth, including induction and caesarean.

  • A range of Hypnobirthing techniques to help you manage pain and promote a calm mindset. Learning these skills is a total a game changer for managing contractions and labour stress.

  • Understand the mind-body connection and how to work with your body, not against it, during labour

  • How to create a positive birthing mindset.

  • How to release your fears and anxieties around labour, and feel empowered and confident instead, helping you enjoy your pregnancy and prepare for your "once in a lifetime birth".

  • Understand how to make informed decisions, which are right for you.

  • Tools for effective communication: how to advocate for yourself und understand the possible impact of not doing so, and how to communicate effectively with medical professionals to establish a collaborative and respectful birthing environment.

  • Fully prepare birth partners to support practically and emotionally, so they can be fully involved and included in the birth.

The regular antenatal bits:
  • How to create your birth environment to best support your body’s ability to birth uninterrupted.

  • Different birth place options eg home/water/land/induced/csection

  • Pain relief options

  • The birth process; what actually happens and the different stages of labour

  • Understand birth physiology, how your body and your birth hormones work and how to work with them.

  • Practical skills for labour, such as optimal labour positions, breathing techniques for each stage of labour, and methods to promote the progress of birthing.

  • How to create an individualised birth plan for yourself, and understand the importance of having one.

Next available course dates

June small group course

Friday 21st June - 730pm - 10pm 

Sunday 23rd June - 9am - 6pm

Location: The Snug, Taverham, Norwich

July small group course

Friday 26th July - 730pm - 10pm 

Saturday 27th July - 9am - 6pm

Bespoke 1-1 courses available on request


COMPLETE antenatal + hypnobirthing 

GROUP course

Everything you need for a positive birth experience, and you will leave feeling fully prepared both practically and mentally to give birth.

Small group course (10 hours + online resources)

Hypnobirthing teaching from a fully qualified Hypnobirthing teacher

Online resources library

Practical antenatal birth preparation

1 x evening and 1 x full day session

Lunch included during the full day session

All resources included

£225 per birth team (mum + birth partner)

Private 1-1 options also available on request. £320 per birth team.

birth partner supporting mum hypnobirthing in norwich

INTENSIVE hypnobirthing course

The INTENSIVE course is a more condensed, stripped back version of the COMPLETE course, perfect if you have found hypnobirthing a little later in pregnancy, around 34 weeks onwards and don’t have time for a full course. 
It can also perfectly complement the more traditional antenatal courses (such as NCT) if you have done one of those, but want some mindset and emotional support, and to learn additional strategies for managing pain during labour.

Private 1-2-1
4 hours 
1 x 4-hour or 2 x 2-hour sessions in person at the Snug in Taverham
Bespoke and tailored to your needs

£145 per birth team (mum + birth partner)

pregnant couple doing hypnobrithing in norwich

REFRESHER hypnobirthing course

This course is for you if you’ve used hypnobirthing in the past, and want a recap for this pregnancy.  This course gives you opportunity to refresh your knowledge and tools, ready to have a positive birth again.  It can be tailored to work on the bits you specifically want to.

Private 1-2-1
2 hours 
1 x 2-hour session in person or over zoom 
Bespoke and tailored to your need

£75 per birth team (mum + birth partner)

caesarean birth using hypnobirthing


This course is ideal if you are preparing for a caesarean birth, or if you are currently in the decision-making process. It can be done in place of a full hypnobirthing course, or could be an add-on.

Private 1-2-1
4 hours 
1 x 4-hour or 2 x 2-hour sessions in person or over zoom 
Bespoke and tailored to your needs

£145 per birth team (mum + birth partner)

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