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WHAT is hypnobirthing and HOW does Hypnobirthing work?


If you want an evidence-based, honest, no frills approach to birth preparation, with practical tools to help manage pain, and techniques to make your labour easier, and more comfortable, then my Antenatal + Hypnobirthing courses are perfect for you!


Imagine feeling relaxed, fully informed of ALL your choices, and confident about the birth! Wouldn't pregnancy feel less stressful?!

Imagine how different your birth would feel if you understood everything that might happen, and you had specific techniques to deal with it all?

Imagine how great your birth partner would feel, looking back knowing they knew exactly how to support you during birth, and played a vital role in the process? That the birth of your child was a shared experience?!
 That the

Pregnant woman practising hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is NOT being hypnotised, Derren Brown style! And it is NOT something you “achieve or not" at in your birth.


Hypnobirthing is the name given to a type of antenatal education which is based on science, and the techniques are supported by evidence (not airy fairy woo!) It covers everything to help you prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally for what is unarguably, the biggest event of your life. it's all the antenatal education you need, plus a whole heap of extra strategies to support your body and mind.

My courses teach specific techniques for pain management, help you understand all your choices, which birth path each choice will lead you down, and how to optimise your birth by working with your body and not against it.


Hypnobirthing techniques can lead to a more comfortable and positive birth experience, and can help calm anxiety when a change of plan comes your way, or you are faced with the unexpected.

Client review:

"Such a great course to learn about birth. Me and my husband feel so much calmer and informed. We’ve gone from being anxious to being excited about our birth. Victoria is such a great source of knowledge and really instils confidence in her clients. Would recommend to everyone expecting a baby!"

Heidi, First Time Mum

"I highly recommend Victoria’s hypnobirthing course for all parents to be..."

We would never show up to your wedding without planning it and simply "hope for the best." Nor would we go to an interview for our dream job, without any kind of preparation. Why not? Because these occasions are 'once-in-a-lifetime' and there is no second chance!


The exact same applies to having a will remember your birth experience for the rest of your life, and it only happens once.


Preparing for birth using Hypnobirthing is one of the best things you can do for yourself, and for your baby.

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