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My 10 favourite positive affirmations for birth, and how to use them.

Positive affirmations are statements or phrases that are repeated regularly with the intention of getting our subconscious mind to believe them, ultimately creating positive beliefs around key topic in our life. In the case of positive BIRTH affirmations, the goal is to re-write the (often) fearful and negative beliefs we have around labour and birth. When our mind is less scared, our bodies have a better chance of doing what they are designed today without fight or flight disrupting the flow of things, which tends to happen when we get scared.

positive baby affirmation

Placing your positive birth affirmation statements/card in places where you can read them often is really powerful…try above the kettle, on your fridge, the bathroom mirror where you clean your teeth, or around your computer screen. Basically, place them where you will see them often and have lots of chances to read them. You don’t need to say them out loud or anything, just read the positive birth affirmation statements in your mind as often as possible. Consistency is key here. Incorporating them into your daily routine, gives your mind the chance to really start to believe the messages, ultimately changing how you feel about things.

Here is a list of my personal favourite positive birth affirmations. For me, they counteract the main fears we have around giving birth, and about our babies:

1.   I am calm, I am confident, I am happy

2.   My baby and I are strong and healthy

3.   I trust my body to know exactly what to do

4.   I birth with ease

5.   I’m proud of myself, however birth goes

6.   I am strong and capable of managing the sensations of labour

7.   Each surge brings me closer to meeting my baby

8.   I am strong, my baby is well, they will be here soon

9.   My baby will come when they are ready

10. My baby is strong and healthy

Writing your own positive birth affirmations can be really powerful too. Write down your fears and concerns around pregnancy and birth, and then write counter statements to those fears. Written in the present tense, these will form your own personal positive birth affirmations.

Positive affirmations

For positive birth affirmations to work, you need to believe in their truth. If you feel resistant, it’s worth exploring why.


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