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Pregnancy Relaxation Classes

The benefits of intentionally relaxing during pregnancy are incredible, for both mum and baby.

woman pregnant in norwich holding her belly

BENEFITS of relaxing during pregnancy

  • Self-care during pregnancy is essential for you and your baby

  • Intentional bonding time in a manic world - opportunity to think about them, feel them and begin bonding before they arrive

  • Feel less stressed, reduced amount of stress hormone in your body has a positive effect on your developing baby, because stress hormones can cross the placenta

  • When you’re relaxed you have Increased blood flow – the more blood flow going to the baby the better because oxygen and nutrients are carried in the blood to the baby – helps them grow and develop properly

  • Better immune function - when you’re nice and relaxed your immunity increases, which is helpful for you and your baby

  • Reduced risk of pre-term labour – relaxed with lower stress hormones, your risk is significantly reduced

  • Relaxing when pregnant helps reduce blood pressure which helps you and baby

  • Relaxing can help reduce anxiety, in turn leading to better sleep and overall mental health


Pregnancy relaxation classes run on Mondays over a 4 week period at a cost of £45 pp.
Contact me for dates & details.

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