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Real life birth stories

The birth of Natalie
A planned caesarean birth

With a 2-year-old at home, I knew I wanted a planned caesarean. I had spent 4 days in hospital after my previous birth and I knew this time around that I wanted to get home ASAP to be back with him. I also wanted to control it as much as I could in terms of arranging childcare and help etc. The experience was wonderful. I used hypnobirthing to create an experience as close to spontaneous vaginal as possible. The birth took place at 40 + 1 as I was keen to let her ‘cook’ for as long as possible. The medical team were amazing and followed my calm caesarean birth plan to the letter; there was silence when she was born


so the first sounds she heard were mine and my husbands voice, she went straight onto my chest with the cord remaining to allow for delayed cord clamping, the baby checks (e.g. weighing etc) were delayed until after the golden hour (It was actually closer to 2 hours), she latched in theatre and I was able to feed her whilst the operation was still happening (it took about 50 minutes and she was on me after about 15 minutes). We also had instant skin to skin without any rub down of her, and my husband was able to cut the cord. I had also harvested colostrum during late pregnancy to give her in case she was too sleepy to effectively feed due to the spinal block drugs, but we didn’t need it as she was fully alert. The whole experience was beautiful. I used my calm breathing techniques throughout, my husband was able to massage my arm and I had my visualisations to help me escape as I was waiting to meet her. The hypnobirthing techniques were applicable at so many times and the whole experience was fantastic.

- Victoria

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