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Real life birth stories

The birth of Matthew
An emergency caesarean birth

From watching the experiences of my friends play out before I was pregnant, I knew from day 1 that I wanted to do a hypnobirthing course. I had planned a water birth with as little intervention as possible. I was 42 + 1 when my labour began in the early hours of the morning. There was no medical reason for me to be induced, so had declined all offers of intervention. I was excited to be in labour and I felt ready to go, fully armed with all my hypnobirthing techniques. Everything was going well and by tea time I was in the birthing pool at my local hospital. I was enjoying using my techniques and was feeling calm and relaxed. 


However, as the evening progressed, things started to change. This was 3 years ago, and to this day, my son is still an unpredictable little pickle lol! By midnight there was some clear medical signs that continuing in the pool was not the right option for me and at this point that everything changed. Had I not had my hypnobirthing knowledge and techniques to fall back on, things would likely have felt very traumatic and negative from here on out. However, thanks to my hypnobirthing training, I knew exactly what information to ask for when making decisions, I knew exactly what my choices were and exactly how to make the decisions which were right for me. I was an active participant in determining the change of plan, and not a victim of my circumstance. By using the ‘reframe’ technique, my husband and I were able to quickly change our mindset and remain feeling positive about things. We felt fully involved in all the decisions and remained actively involved in how the rest of the birth played out. Matthew was born by caesarean birth the following lunch time, and I used the relaxation techniques at various points during the surgery. The claim that hypnobirthing is applicable to ‘ALL births’ could not have been truer, and I’m grateful to have had the skills and knowledge I learnt, to maintain my feeling of calmness and empowerment. 

- Victoria

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