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Real life birth stories

The birth of Joshua
A spontaneous vaginal labour

I was introduced to Hypnobirthing by Victoria after hearing about her positive birth with Matthew a few years ago.  I found it to be invaluable in creating a positive birth experience of my own.  Hypnobirthing taught me what was happening to my body during birth, how to stay in control mentally, and manage any pain successfully. Creating a Hypnobirthing playlist of calming music and practicing breathing daily, along with reciting positive affirmations, meant that when I came to the birth itself, I was calm and relaxed. These repetitions over several months meant that it felt like I was on autopilot, with my brain and my body working together to bring my little boy into the world.   My baby Joshua was born in hospital on 31st March 2021, weighing 10lbs. I delivered him vaginally using gas and air, with my husband by my side for support. I will be forever grateful for Hypnobirthing and I always recommend it to my pregnant friends. The feeling of staying in control during one of the most scary and unpredictable times of your life is life changing. 

- Vicki

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